A revolutionary change in the field of hair removal

Mindfulness & beauty


We want to help you eliminate unwanted hair and achieve a balanced well-being of mindfulness and beauty.

With products that combine effective hair removal with the sensory pleasures and rituality of beauty protocols typical of cosmetics and skin care routines

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The line that turns hair removal into a genuine beauty routine


Innovative formulas, effective active ingredients and a unique design.

Waysilk products combine innovation and efficacy with delicate, scented textures, performing an effective hair removal action, gently acting on the skin for more beautiful and radiant results.

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Hyaluronic Acid with moisturising and plumping properties.

All Waysilk formulas employ Hyaluronic Acid in combination with active ingredients for hair removal.

The Hyaluronic Acid, with its moisturising and plumping properties, acts as a beauty booster even during hair removal, helping to restore the skin’s natural moisture levels and creating a protective film that limits water evaporation, for long-lasting smooth and beautiful skin.

The line that turns hair removal into a genuine beauty routine


Your Waysilk ritual

The complete Waysilk range offers a variety of formulas rich in active ingredients for hair removal and skin care with different methodologies and specific to different areas.

Once you have found your preferred hair removal solution, you can conclude the ritual with post-hair removal creams and serums, formulated to maximise results and delay regrowth.